My musical career started by the age of three when my father wanted me to play the violin. It wasn’t long-lived, but my first contact with music was established.

At nine, I started taking piano lessons, which I continued with until the age of 18. Even though I didn’t always wanted to practice the piano, I’m really glad for it now afterwards, because it help me a lot when learning new music and for accompaniment of my singing students.

I started to sing in high school, where chamber choir was mandatory if you studied natural science and music, which I did.
After my military service and a couple of years studying and working in Uppsala, I got accepted to civil engineering in bioinformatics in 2008. By this time, singing had taken a bigger part of my live and during my time in Uppsala I sang in several choirs, amongst some Allmänna sången, Västgöta nations male choir and Uppsala vocal ensemble. But after almost 2 years of engineering studies, I decided to become an opera singer, after meeting my future singing teacher, Mattias Danielsson.

First I started studying one year at Birkagårdens folk high school in Stockholm, with said teacher. The following year I entered Vadstena folk high school, where I developed my voice further with Anders Düring. After two years in Vadstena, I got accepted to The Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, and with the help of adjunct professor Bodil Øland, and later also Reinaldo Marcias, I recieved but a bachelor and a master degree.

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